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Inspired by the Big Apple, on the pulse of the Big Smoke – we redefine the modern-day workout with transformer Pilates classes that capture New York’s infectious energy, tailored to London lifestyles.

‍A new style of workout with Pilates at its core – each of our fun, fast-flowing workouts sweat and sculpt with considered and conscious movements for a high-intensity and low-impact workout.



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With the lights turned low, and the music cracked high, exhilarating beats will pulsate from our luxury loft style studio which will be centred around our custom made KARVE machines.

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Here to provide professional guidance with a series of easily available and bite-sized videos, mix and match, with a variety of tutorials that target specific areas of the body. Just a few pieces of simple equipment are required to educate yourself.



KARVE is the creation of Founder Yulia Pashevkina’s fitness and wellbeing journey. Spending years in search of a workout that would exercise both the body and the mind, she developed an innovative method of training that combines rigorous machine-based Pilates with mindfulness and breath work techniques. The pioneering combination of these two elements forms the basis of her transformer Pilates workout.


Passionately empowering people through fitness is our Head Trainer Craig. A firm believer in mind over matter when it comes to tackling a challenge, Craig works closely with his clients, encouraging them to leave any personal doubt at the door, whilst shining a spotlight on the importance of mindset and how this determines the outcome.


“I didn’t know I was missing mindfulness before”

I’ve taken slow, resistance-based fitness classes before but Karve’s breath work and mindful moments at the end of every session added an element I didn’t know was missing from my workouts. Craig is so supportive in how he explains each move and encourages you to try something new, while Yulia is a great visual reference – not to mention that her “Oh my god!” exclamations during the transitions are EXACTLY how I’m usually feeling in the moment.


Washington, DC

“Achieved physical strength and inner peace”

Thank you so much for that motivation, energy and power… It was not only an amazing positive new experience, but also a really productive one! Planks are an easy thing for me now and I actually found piece in those moments of meditation.

Physical strength and inner peace are the achievements which I definitely got… I realized that controlled slow movements are actually even more effective than high pace standard exercises.



“Karve works for me!”

I wasn’t intending or wanting to lose weight, but did want to tone up and mainly ensure that I didn’t bulk up anywhere, because although I am naturally slender, I can bulk up quickly on my thighs and butt if I do the wrong exercises. Normally I find that Pilates, Yoga and TRX workouts are best suited to my body, so I literally cannot say how happy I was when I realised that the Karve workouts would ensure that I was getting all of the elements that work for me. I lost 1llb in weight and just under one inch on my thighs.

I think Craig is a fantastic instructor. I like how he pre-prepares us about the next move that is coming up, which makes the entire workout efficient in such a short space of time. I never knew that using two pillow cases as sliders, could produce such great results?!!!

It is the only workout that I have ever done that makes my muscles shake! I literally cannot wait to see what the Karve workout will be like when the studio opens. I think it will become addictive – in a good way!
That’s not to say that I find the workouts easy. far from it, but I like that it pushes me and that I have the reward of cooling down and relaxing at the end with a mindful meditation to seal the end of the workout.



“Mental Strength and Clarity”Improved

…I can honestly say that after 3 weeks I can see a marked difference in all areas. In particular my lower body and core have improved significantly. As a keen runner I can attribute my improved performance solely to Karve. Whilst enhancing my all round strength every other day with the Karve Sessions I can feel and see a genuine growth in my strength, agility, speed and discipline. This allowed me to smash my 10KM PB which I was overjoyed with.

Whilst the physical aspect of the Karve Sessions were a visible improvement to ones fitness, the mental strength and clarity it allowed are also extremely important. It has given me a belief in persisting, discipline and confidence that small changes everyday can lead to long term improvements not just physically but in mental health and spirituality. This is no coincidence when you have Craig and Yulia leading classes that don’t burden or pressure participants but gently encourage and nurture your abilities at your own level and pace.



More Definition and Increased Mobility

…I have felt so much more energised, focussed and so much happier in myself. I feel such a great sense of achievement having done these low impact but challenging sessions. It’s been so rewarding to see myself getting stronger throughout the weeks and I have loved getting into the little meditation sessions!

I feel more defined and have increased my mobility, which was one of my goals (yay!) so I am really happy about that 🙂