Founding Instructor

Born and raised in Bermondsey, South London, I have more than 10 years experience both as a trainer and an instructor. I’m passionate about all aspects of training, especially endurance and functional movement. I was fortunate enough to study at one of London’s premier personal training studios, developing my knowledge and understanding of advanced anatomy, physiology and biomechanics.

Fave KARVE exercise

Single leg deadlift, not just because it is so efficient in building hamstring and overall posterior chain strength but also because it challenges stability across the entire body. It’s hard but really effective

Fave training track

Charly by Prodigy

What to expect from my classes

High energy, no-nonsense workout with emphasis on technique and exercise progression. As a trainer I am in an advantageous position where I can help people improve physically and mentally. There is nothing better than seeing clients push themselves and achieving their goals.