Founding Instructor

Originally from Hertfordshire, from a young age Danni loved to move her body. After years of classical training and a professional career as a dancer, still working till this day, Danni understands and appreciates the need for fitness and wellness to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Danni loves living in London! It’s the centre of the action, where she can enjoy a socialising with friends, amazing restaurants (especially Italian due to her heritage) and continuing to perfect her craft within the Pilates world. 

Fave KARVE exercise 

Kneeling inner thighs…it’s an absolute killer and you can feel the shakes!

Fave song right now

Bicep – X 

What to expect from Danni’s class 

Danni’s energetic nature will keep you motivated and addicted to her intense but rewarding classes. Expect leg shaking, booty burning exercises that will rock you to your deep core, leaving you wanting more!