Founding Instructor

From the countryside in Somerset, Alison knew from a very young age the city was the place for her to live her dreams. A disciplined gymnast and a passion for performing Alison was awarded with a scholarship to a London dance college at 15 to leave home and pursue a career as a professional dancer which has been a life enhancing experience. Movement, fitness and wellbeing has remained at the forefront of her lifestyle which naturally led her down a path of becoming a teacher herself. Starting her fitness career as a cycle instructor across boutique studios, she has developed skills to teach a variety of disciplines in the fitness industry. The KARVE method is by far her favourite one!!  She enjoys going out, socializing with friends, throwing parties and spending time with her family. 

Fave KARVE exercise

“Army Crawl – I like to visualize I’m starring in an action film”

Fave song

I’m Alive – Celine Dion 

What to expect from Alison’s class

“I’m like the Angel and Devil on your shoulders. I’ll guide you through with an angelic smile on one side and on the other I will make you feel the burn to reach your full potential and find your limits.”