KARVE is the creation of Founder Yulia Pashevkina’s fitness and wellbeing journey. Spending years in search of a workout that would exercise both the body and the mind, she developed an innovative method of training that combines rigorous machine based Pilates style workout with mindfulness and breath work techniques. The pioneering combination of these two elements forms the basis of her Transformer Pilates workout.

Inspired by the driven, motivated and fun attitude of the New York f itness scene, the intense yet mindful method helps to ‘karve’ and transform the body through slow, conscious movement performed to energetic music. Building strong bodies and resilient minds, these Transformer Pilates classes are designed to leave each person who steps out of the KARVE studio feeling like they have experienced a thorough workout, whilst feeling mindfully at peace.

Today Yulia’s universal passion for fitness and wellbeing continues to evolve. In addition to establishing transformer Pilates and being the face of KARVE, she is also Nutrition coach and has a keen passion for health and wellbeing.

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